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20 August 2010 @ 11:22 pm
Um... *cough* Well, it's been a year since I last posted - that's gotta be some kind of new record for slackness, it really does. In my rather feeble defense, I have been really busy, honest...

Anyways, under the cut are a few sketches, and a repost of my SGA Big Bang artwork from 2009 (all thumbnails link to larger versions):

Onwards!Collapse )
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21 August 2009 @ 11:52 am
It's recently come to my attention that I haven't posted here in about two years... *cough* oops?

Basic recap: in the interum I've moved house, been through a couple of jobs (video store manager, warehouse assistant), and worked on a bunch of no-budget short films and theatre projects... but not a whole lot has changed. Yay?

Anyways, I'm going to attempt more regular posting, starting with uploading some art that I either never posted at all, or just didn't archive here, starting with an image from last year's SGA Big Bang:


SGA Big Bang 2008.
For friendshipper & naye's story "A Clear and Different Light"

P.S: I've upgraded to an ad-tastic Plus account, since letting my paid subscription lapse took all my galleries with it, but upgrading to Plus brought them back - which basically means if you've tried to view any of my past image posts and found them lacking images, that should all be fixed now - huzzah!

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10 October 2007 @ 10:35 pm
Considering my almost total disappearance from fandom the last few months, and the fact that I'm not drawing nearly as much as I should be, I figured I'd dive right into the deep end with an ART MEME! *tickertape tickertape tickertape*

So, if anyone is interested, I'll be taking 5 prompts for art (I know the usual number is 10, but I figure I'll start slowly). Bring it on!!!

Fandoms are SGA, SPN (up to S2), Firefly, House, Farscape (and all their related satellite fandoms). I won't draw smut, but artistic nudity is ok. Feel free to request a style (ie: cartoony, realistic). Also feel free to point me at a fic and ask for art from it.

*grins hopefully out at fandom*
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10 October 2007 @ 10:26 pm
To answer the obvious question - yes, I did fall off the face of the Earth. But I'm back now! :D

I've been keeping up with my f-list, though not posting in my own journal... but dagnammit, I missed the interaction with all you lovely folks!

A few things have happened since I last posted, but being a lazy bugger, I'll just point-form it:

- Moved house, again. Am now living with fabulous flatmate "B", and her adorable cat in a little flat in the surprisingly-suburban part of the near-city. Hurrah! The living environment is much better - the flat is small and somewhat infested with german cockroaches (the little light-brown bastards), but the overall vibe is much better. Living with a laid-back girl is better than an uptight guy any day :)

- Got a new job. Am now the manager of a little independent video rental store about 10mins walk from home. We're open from noon until 9/10pm every day, and I work mon-fri - so I've got every weekend off (and after over 6yrs in retail, that's one hell of a novelty!). I'm there by myself the whole time, so I can watch whatever I like all day (needless to say, Labyrinth, Firefly, Serenity, Shaun of the Dead and Army of Darkness are regularly on my playlist *G*). The store is attached to a bottleshop and grocer, so I get cheap food and booze to boot :D It's awesome.

- A couple of my closest friends got married. Yaaaay! In a delightful slap in the face to tradition, they made me a groomsman (I've always been closer to the groom than the bride, and neither of them could imagine me in a dress anyway LOL). So the bridal party consisted of bride, groom, bridesmaids (bride's sister and best friend), groomsman (groom's best friend - a 6'5" guy - and me - a 5'6" girl), and flowergirl (the happy couple's utterly adorable 2y/o daughter). The ceremony was a lovely civil service in the park with about 30 of the couple's friends and relatives, and the celebrations continued in various forms for the whole weekend.

- I've totally jumped on the SPN bandwagon. OMG so much love.... but is it wrong that I kinda lust after the Metallicar more than either of the Winchester boys? I've only seen S1 and the first 4 eps of S2 - and I'm trying to stay spoiler-free.... but it's haaaaaaard! The urge to scamper off to the internets and spoil myself stupid is almost too hard to resist - but resist I shall! *is all willpower-y*

Much love and glomping to all the folks I haven't spoken to in ages, and I promise not to disappear again! :D
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06 February 2007 @ 09:42 pm
Umm, hi folks? *waves*

Sticking the RL update behind a cut, 'cause not everyone cares:

In BeanieLantis news, I've set up some prints over on DeviantArt (who have recently introduced free prints accounts - awesome!). They do standard prints, as well as canvas, mousepads, mugs, coasters, magnets and postcards.

It's not all the images yet, just the ones that can slip through copyrights easily - ie: no recognisable insignia etc. Hopefully I'll get some more up soon, but I think I'll have to edit the images a bit (namely remove the Atlantis patches from their arms). If anyone's got any requests for images they'd like to see as prints, just drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do :)

BeanieLantis Prints

Hopefully I'll have some new images soon - I really haven't drawn much of anything in recent months, but I hope to get back on track soon :)
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28 September 2006 @ 10:49 pm
Ok, so I kinda dropped off the internet for a while... *cringe* RL ate me!

A lot's been going on lately - between work, settling in to the new place, other work, and not being in the greatest emotional place ever, I haven't had much time for fandom stuff, or the internet in general. [triptnx - it's coming, seriously! I haven't forgotten, I just got hideously sidetracked....*cringe*] Luckily, things have started looking up on a few fronts in the last couple of weeks: working on a couple of TVCs and getting back into the swing of shooting has been nice (I'll probably blog about that later), and my newest source of muscle pain happy fun-times - capoeira - has eaten up a lot of my evenings. I managed to grab some time this week during pre-production (ie: sitting around in front of the computer waiting for phonecalls/emails from the agency/director indicating that they've actually made a decision on something) and threw together a header and new colour scheme, as well as putting in a groovy little tag list *points* - yay! I'm also investigating the options for prints and things using feedback from the poll - many thanks to everyone who participated! Much obliged to you all :)

Anyways, this is the image I've been niggling at for a few weeks, on and off - it's not perfect by any means (the colouring and shading is godawful), but I figure if I don't post it now, I never will... It's a follow-up to this image.

(NB: Large-ish image under the cut)

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05 September 2006 @ 06:27 pm
Recently I was asked if I have prints of any of the Beanielanteans, and it got me thinking - would folks be interested in prints of them? What about other goodies - like t-shirts or stickers? I don't have the capital to set up anything fancy, so I'm looking at options like CafePress or DeviantArt Prints for a supply-on-demand kind of deal. 

There are pros and cons for each option: DeviantArt prints have a much lower base price, and more options (like matte/gloss/lustre, and a vast choice of sizes), but they charge a AUD$30 setup fee, so it would only be an option if enough people were interested in getting prints. CafePress is free to set up, and has a wider variety of merchandise to choose from (such as shirts and stickers), but they don't have many options for prints, and their base prices are fairly high. I'm not in this to make money, that's for sure (anyway, the whole "derivative works" copyright deal takes care of any ideas in that direction lol), but I thought I'd see if there was any interest in these sort of goodies. .. so tell me:

Poll #814273 Consumerist Scum!

Would you be interested in any of the following?

Other merchandise (mugs, bags, stickers etc)
I covet not material goods.
Obligatory tickybox!

If it turns out only a few people are interested in prints I'd be happy to just run some off on quality stock at Kinkos and post them out :)

[EDIT: If there are specific images you'd like to see done, please drop a line in the comments - preferably with the format you'd most like to see it in (ie print, shirt, sticker etc) - and let me know :)]

In arty news - still working on one largish image. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would to get right *pout*
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24 August 2006 @ 07:45 am
As usual, one of trinityofone's fics has grabbed hold of my imagination and is refusing to let go, dagnammit.

So... from "X", here's Zelenka as Nightcrawler:

And in real-life news - tickets for Tool's concert next January go on sale tomorrow morning! *flailyflailyflail*

UPDATE:  didn't get Tool tickets. Flatmate-of-Awesomness and myself hammered the Ticketmaster website and phones from 9am, but couldn't get through on either until 10:20am. Turns out tickets sold out completely in 40mins. The only people I've spoken to who managed to get tickets were the ones who lined up at outlets - mainly in obscure locations *jealously eyes off manager who picked up Gold tickets from an outlet in Qld at 9:04am*.  There are rumours of another release of floor tickets to come, so we've got our fingers crossed for that one (and are plotting to have friends/family interstate waiting at a local outlet - muahahahaaa). If all else fails, they'll probably be playing the Big Day Out.
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15 August 2006 @ 08:17 pm
Well, I'm back. *waves* Things have been crazy busy lately - between moving, work, and this loopy cold I've had I really haven't had a lot of time for online stuff lately (I'm still catching up on email and things - I haven't forgotten anyone, honest!) but I figured I'd post now while I wait for the carpet to dry out.... yes, we had a little plumbing issue this evening - read on for the hilarity:

My new place is all kinds of awesome, in general: great layout, fantastic location, and my flatmate rocks. All in all, everything is good. Except when it rains and hails torrentially, we get random flooding coming through the roof to the living room, soaking through the carpet, and flowing down to my room. I went to check on an odd dripping noise coming from the back of the office, where my room is, and found it was raining in there. "OMGWTFBBQWEATHER?!" would be a fairly apt description of my thought processes at that moment. I scampered upstairs to find a vast, spreading puddle on the living room carpet, which had soaked through and made for a gap in the floor near the stairs...right into my room. Our jute rug proved very absorbant, so sacrificed itself to the cause. Luckily, nothing valuable contents-wise was damaged, and the body corporate is going to pay for the damaged carpet. We might end up getting new carpet, which is cool, but it does mean everything we've just got sorted out the way we like it (ie the kitchen and living room) will have to be completely moved down into the office (which we almost have just the way we want it) for a couple of days. *sigh* Hopefully the damage isn't too bad, and we can just get the wet section dried out and cleaned. Now my roof's making odd noises, and I'm a little paranoid *whimper*

In other news, no new Beanies just yet - I'm working on a fairly big picture that I want to get just right, but until then, have a completely unrelated doodle:

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14 July 2006 @ 10:55 pm
...seriously. I've never had any money, so how did I end up with so much assorted crud? Even after paring it all down, I still feel like there's too much. Oh well, it's easier to just pack it all up than attempt to make any form of decision right now.

I've got most of my stuff together for the move tomorrow, now it's just down to all the sundry bits and pieces - lamp, clock, posters, bathroom products etc. I moved a lot of stuff in earlier in the week - books, DVDs etc - so now I've just got all the fiddly stuff *whine* Honestly, how does one pack coathangers?

I started packing up the computer (starting with the speakers) and it was like cutting off a limb or something.... I've become waaaaaay too dependant on it always being available, not to mention connected to high-speed internet *whimper*. We're getting ADSL at the new place, but I'm not sure when that will be, a couple of weeks at the very least. I'll check in via internet cafes every now and then, but there probably won't be any more Beanies for a bit. The worst part will be missing out on all the new season squeeage *sniffle*. With any luck I'll be able to download the premiere tomorrow afternoon before I go, but I've got a couple of fannish enablers willing to supply me with the goods *luffs them*. I even picked up a little TV, and am shopping around for a cheap standalone DVD player that will play AVIs, so that I don't have to be confined to the office to squee *G* (also, the fact that my flatmate's room is basically a loft above the living area means that watching TV after he's gone to bed is just kinda inconsiderate).

Anyway, this is me signing off for a little while - much love to all, and *flails* for the new season! *G*


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